Cyber and Information Security


Protect. Your. Data.

Vulnerability Assessment

We test your IT infrastructure and services for weaknesses, giving you a full understanding of where you may be breached by hackers.

Information Security Audit

We perform a 360 degree audit of your organisation, helping you improve data protection and processes.

Threat Monitoring

We provide real time analysis of cyber threats that face your company, enabling you to prevent damage and protect profit.

Crisis Management

We rapidly react to serious cyber incidents within your organisation, helping you manage the crisis and minimise damage.

Security Intelligence

We use the latest techniques to gather intelligence relevant to your organisation, giving you the knowledge to make key business decisions.

Compliance (ISO 27001, PCI DSS)

We guide you through the compliance process for the lead information security standards, making your organisation a benchmark for others.

Secure IT Management

We ensure your IT is protected through our fully managed service, offering first-class support so you can focus on business.

Digital Forensics

We recover your lost information or detect tampering using forensic best practice, allowing you to identify data breaches and theft of IP.


We pride ourselves on our strong bond with clients, here’s why:


We don’t provide off the shelf solutions, all our services are carefully tailored to your business


We understand that budgets fluctuate, we adapt and mould our services to fit your cost structure


We don’t confuse or patronise, we will speak to you at a technical level that you feel comfortable with


Marclay Associates Limited are based in London, United Kingdom.